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Human testicular sperm vitrification and storage through sperm vitrification device versus conventional slow freezing cryopreservation: a prospective randomized sibling oocyte study

N. Kazdar, J. Tek, C. Yazbeck, A. Berkovitz, F.X. Aubriot, E. Amar, V. Izard, 2019

In order to avoid iterative testicular surgery, an efficient and validated cryopreservation method of testicular sperm retrieved by microTESE followed by ICSI in asynchronous procedures can be proposed for men suffering from azoospermia. Testicular sperm vitrification has been recently used as an alternative to slow freezing technique, but so far no prospective randomized studies with sibling oocytes were conducted to compare these techniques.

These preliminary results need to be confirmed by a large trail with possible focus on nonobstructive azoospermia cases where the amount of spermatozoa is low, the synchronous procedure often recommended, and where SpermVD might be an accurate device for convenient asynchronous microTESE planning. The spermVD device is an efficient and safe carrier and seems to be appropriate for the asynchronous preservation of a small number of spermatozoa allowing us to plan asynchronous micro TESE before oocyte retrieval and perform rapidly safe delayed ICSI.

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