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MSOME - A morphological diagnosis of sperm cells - is a diagnostic tool performed under digital magnification of 6300.

This high magnification enables the MFC staff to diagnose defects in sperm structure that cannot be diagnosed by routine examination.

MSOME can be used as a diagnostic tool for male infertility in cases of unexplained infertility or in cases of unsuccessful IVF (In vitro fertilization).

ICSI enables the ruling out of unrecognized male infertility problems.

MSOME enables MFC andrologists to determine in each case, whether the IMSI procedure should be used before ICSI, or whether standard ICSI is sufficient.

During the MSOME process, highly trained professional andrologists examine a sample of several hundred motile sperm cells. The MSOME assesses six sperm organelles: the acrosome, post-acrosomal lamina, neck, tail, mitochondria and nucleus.

Among the six organelles, the sperm nucleus integrity was found with the best correlation for achieving pregnancy.

A study conducted more than a decade ago found that examining sperm morphology at high magnification (>6,300), investigators et al demonstrated that Real-time fine morphology of motile human sperm cells is associated with IVF-ICSI outcome.

(Bartoov, B., Berkovitz, A., Eltes, F., Kogosovsky, A., Menezo, Y .,)

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