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Freezing a Small Number of Spermatozoa using SpermVD

At MFC Global (a sister company) was developed an innovative and efficient medical device that enables freezing of individual sperm cells from one spermatozoa to thousands, named SpermVD.

The SpermVD and the unique freezing method developed at MFC lab, enables maximum preservation of male fertility after performing an extended search for rare spermatozoa at MFC or after testicular biopsy (TESE).

Avoiding reapetad TESE - A real Male fertility preservation.

In cases where individual sperm cells were found in an Extended search, then by freezing these cells on the SpermVD using a unique freezing technology developed in MFC, these cells serve as a backup for the day of ovum pick up if not enough cells are found that day in the fresh ejaculate.

In addition, MFC staff performs an extended search from testicular tissue after the TESE procedure. The cells that found, are frozen on the SpermVD.

After a testicular biopsy, it permits splitting up the spermatozoa found and freezing them in several separate SpermVD devices, with just the right amount necessary for a single ICSI cycle in each unit. The effective splitting the yield of a single testicular biopsy in several SpermVD units, avoids unnecessarily repeated surgery for sperm recovery and providing optimal cryopreservation after TESE procedures.

The use of SpermVD and the unique freezing method developed at MFC enables finding almost 100% of the cells after thawing.

This method of freezing individual sperm cells is performed by vitrification technology on SpermVD. This technology is a global breakthrough and has been published as a novel solution for freezing small number of spermatozoa in the leading professional journal, the Human Reproduction Journal, which publishes mainly breakthroughs in the world of fertility.

(Berkovitz A, Miller N, Silberman M, Belenky M, Itsykson P(

Hum Reprod. 2018 Nov 1;33(11):1975-1983

This breakthrough technology enables maximum fertility cryopreservation to men diagnosed as:

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