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MFC services include:


MSOME (Motile Sperm Organelle Morphology Examination) is an advanced morphological diagnostic tool that allows the diagnosis of sperm defects in cases of unexplained infertility.


The process of sorting and selecting optimal sperm cells for the IVF procedure is performed in MFC under a digital magnification of 6300. This is intended for couples who have previously failed in fertility treatment due to a male factor or unexplained infertility.

An Extended Search for rare numbers of spermatozoa

MFC offers an extended search and detection of rare sperm cells. The careful searching implemented by using unique technologies developed at MFC, enables detection of individual sperm cells in cases diagnosed as Azoospermia (with the absence of sperm cells from the ejaculate) or an extreme low no. of sperm cells in the routine semen analysis.

Freezing a Small Number of Spermatozoa using SpermVD

MFC performs an innovative and unique process of freezing individual sperm cells using the SpermVD product which was developed for this purpose in MFC Global (a sister company) and sold worldwide with great success. This capability enables maximum fertility cryopreservation for men with an extremely low no. of sperm cells in the semen or who have undergone a surgical procedure to search for sperm in the testicles (TESE).

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