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Developed and used for over a decade, Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) used when there is a need to cope with male infertility including poor sperm motility; low sperm count and sperm structure problems .

IMSI is a modified microinjection procedure, in which sperm cells are selected for fertilization, under optical magnification of at least 6300. During IMSI, the sperm with normal head morphology will be selected for injection into eggs.
During the IMSI process performed at the Male Fertility Center, the best quality sperm cells are selected from the sample provided by the male. These selected spermatozoa are considered those most suitable for egg fertilization and pregnancy. The sperm cell is then injected directly into the egg. (The eggs are retrieved prior to the injection process from the female partner, during the IVF process.)
This method is designed to increase pregnancy and implantation rate, using the best potential sperm candidates, meticulously and methodically sorted and selected.

IMSI is believed by some experts to be the most effective treatment to date for male factor infertility. IMSI is often proposed as an alternative to ICSI. This alternative can be considered by couples with repeated ICSI failures and for couples with increased rates of DNA-fragmented spermatozoa.

Recent (2013) publications demonstrate that among the morphologic features of the sperm head, abnormal ellipticity, angularity, and large nuclear vacuoles are associated with DNA fragmentation. (Fertil Steril_2013;99:1573–80.) מחיקה בטעות t the Male fertility Center we dedicate ourselves to achieving the best possible results. We work believing that there is no reason not so select the best spermatozoa, a belief shared by Vanderzwalmen and Fallet (2010).

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