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Freezing small numbers of spermatozoa

 At the Male Fertility Center, we developed a novel technique of cryopreservation of very low numbers of spermatozoa using a unique SpermVD device as a carrier. This sperm freezing technique aims to maximize fertility perseveration for men after TESE, or for men diagnosed with virtual azoospermia. Cryopreservation of excess spermatozoa left after TESE+ICSI in the first case, or of rare spermatozoa from the ejaculatein the second, may prevent the need for additional TESE procedures.

MFC’s novel technique is designed to effectively enable freezing and thawing of very low numbers of spermatozoa.
To date, no other efficient method for cryopreservation of small number of spermatozoa has been widely accepted.

For additional information about cryopreservation of very low numbers of spermatozoa at the Male Fertility Center, please contact us.